Will a Pygmy Goat Make a Good Pet – The Pros & Cons

Learn All About Having a Pygmy Goat as a Pet

If you are looking for information about pygmy goats as pets, then you have to come to the right place. These animals are miniature but they generate a considerable amount of energy. They are very active and if not contained will be into and onto everything in sight.

Normally these little guys are not used for the purpose of getting meat or milk like the larger breeds. They appear to be used almost exclusively as pets. You don’t need too large of a backyard for them to be happy in. Make sure there aren’t any restrictions against having pygmy goats in your area before planning to get your new pet.

Pygmy goats are very playful and intelligent and can easily become bored if they don’t have company to play with, which help to make them wonderful pets. As their name implies they are very small compared to regular goats. There is a lot of energy packed into them and they will almost behave like a dog. The will enjoy being handled and will follow you around if allowed.

They are extremely robust and will adapt easily in cold climates by creating undercoat which is thick and woolly. This goat breed is among the handful of animals which are able to reproduce outside of their regular season. For this reason, they are able to deliver several baby goats for each season.

Perhaps, one of the main reasons why these goats are kept as pets compared with others is because they love people and are extremely sociable. When they are brought home as pets, it is a must that the horns are removed to avoid harming individuals or even other goats. These animals can also be infamously inquisitive and sometimes manage to stick their horns into fences or any other restricted places.

Tips for caring pygmy goats

As mentioned before, they will adapt to almost all environments. Their diet should primarily consist of grains and greens. It’s advisable to provide items that will enable them to play and enjoy themselves because they like to jump and might even climb on top of small vehicles. When it comes to housing you should have a suitable open area and shed which is accessible all of the time.

If you have other animals at home it would be best to introduce your pigmy goat to this group carefully, because they could be harmed by them. They are classified as prey animals and as a result you should keep them in appropriate shelters, particularly during the night. It is a must that they are given fresh water daily, because it’s more than likely that they will not drink it if it’s not fresh.

In essence, if you have a pygmy goat for your pet you will not be disappointed because they love to have contact with humans. As long as you are giving this pet the best care in order to keep them healthy and fit, you will end up with the ideal companion for both adults and children.

Camels As Pets – A Good Idea Or Not?

Thousands of year ago camels were domesticated and utilized in many aspects of our humans lives. Although camels are still used around the world as modes of transportation, milk production, hauling goods, etc… they have also won their way into our lives as pets.

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘camels as pets?’ Usually when I talk with someone about camels, the first thing they say is “don’t they spit?” Well, yes they can I have been told. After years of being around dozens of camels, I have yet to ever see one spit or been spit on by a camel. This is not to say they can’t, but most of the camels in the United States have been born in the US and many have been bottle raised, thus making good companions.

A few things to consider when thinking of a camel as a pet. Size… Camels get very large. It is not unusual for an adult male camel to stand more than 8 foot tall. You need to use the same caution you would when being around any large animal such as a horse, cow, or donkey.

You might be asking yourself, what do you feed a camel? Well, camels were built to survive in the harsh climates of the deserts. Thus their bodies are adapted to eating low quality grasses. Camels should be fed a good quality grass hay, careful to avoid certain hays that are very rich in nutrients which can lead to weight problems.

Camels can also be used to pleasure ride. When training is started at a fairly young age, training a camel to lead, cush, and ride is fairly easy. The hardest thing in regards to riding camels is locating a proper fitting camel saddle in the United State.

Provided you have enough room for a horse, you have enough room for a camel. Now days, camels have become more common in the United States than you might think. In some states camels are considered to be an exotic animal and will fall under their exotic animal regulations. If you are considering adding a camel to your family make sure and check your local laws regarding exotic animals and camels.

Does a Hermit Crab Really Make a Good Pet – The Pros and Cons

Hermit crab pets are thought of as being exotic. By exotic we usually mean rare and not easy to find but the fact is that though few people keep them as pets, they are available in large numbers. These crabs belong to the family of ‘Paguroidea’ and are are omnivorous or herbivorous which means they will eat anything. There are also land and aquatic species. The aquatic ones are good if you have a fish aquarium as they are useful as scavengers for algae and debris. The land crabs are the ones normally kept as pets. Before you decide to get a hermit crab as a pet you need to learn all about them. Below you’ll find some information on the pros and cons of owning this interesting animal that will help you get started.


A pet hermit crab requires very little maintenance. This means the owner doesn’t need to be constantly feeding or caring for them like other pets. It’s very cheap to keep them as they don’t eat much and need little in the way of shelter.

A small fish tank will work perfect for your pet hermit crab. Make sure it has enough sand for them to burrow in to molt and a variety of larger shells than the one they live in.

They don’t take up much space or require a certain type of area.

I’ve never heard of a pet hermit crab eating someone’s slipper.

They don’t make any kind of sounds.

You don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to let them out.

These pets are very inexpensive. You can buy a complete crab set up with 2 crabs, cage, sand, shells, food & water dishes, climbing tree etc. for $30.

They are great pets for kids to help teach them responsibility. If they forget to care for them, like kids have a habit of doing, its no big deal for a parent to do it.

Pet hermit crabs can be accommodated in your busy lifestyle. A couple of minutes a day will take care of most of their needs. Their cage will only need a complete cleaning once a month.


Hermit crab pets are not interactive. There is a lack of ‘bonding’ as compared to other pets. It’s like having fish in that you won’t be able to do much except watch them. although they will crawl around on your hand.

They will need a good substrate so they can dig down in it to molt. Moist sand is fine but gravel is not so good as they can’t burrow in it very easily.

Although many of the hermit crab species die in a short time there are exceptions. For instance, some species can live up to 23 years if properly maintained and its been reported that some have lived more than 32 years.

Although they are pretty low maintenance, their homes do need regular cleaning or they can start smelling bad.

Your pet crabs require warm moist conditions. They need to have relatively high humidity so may have to be spritzed with water or have a large wet sponge in their home.

Any water that comes in contact with your pet crab needs to always have the chlorine removed.

Your pet will need its food and water dishes changed daily with any uneaten fruit or vegetables removed.

They are nocturnal, meaning they are more active at night. This severely cuts down on viewing time as they mostly stay in their shells during the day time.

Each pet hermit crab will need a shell of its own. Be sure to provide a number of different types and sizes of shells. The shells form a protective cover for their soft abdomens. You must make sure to provide larger shells for the crabs as they outgrow their present ones.

Pet hermit crabs are unusual but interesting and easy care companions. They are curious about their surroundings, they have distinct personalities and are also active. These traits will provide some interesting viewing. The fact that they are relatively low maintenance increases the appeal to keep them as a pet. This means that if you don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for your pet but are looking for an interesting one they will fill the bill. Although you can’t walk them or play fetch they are great pets for kids as their friends probably won’t have one. They are the perfect show and tell subject for school. They are easy to feed and look after so the kids can do it by themselves. All in all, a pet hermit crab is the perfect pick for the whole family.

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