Back To School Season Affects Pets Too

As children head back to school, pets can be affected in all sorts of ways. Here are some tips for helping your pet adjust to changes in the family routine.”-

*The main problems we see during the back-to-school season are animals, especially dogs, that love to eat school supplies. Although it’s too early to say “the dog ate my homework”, dogs love to eat erasers, pens, pencils, etc. This time of the year we tend to take a lot of school supplies from the animal’s tummies.

*Ingested pennies cause Zinc toxicity and can often be fatal. (In these economic times watch your pennies!) General rules of thumb are: Pet proof your home like you would for children, Keep small edible items off the floors, Stick to your basic boring diets as much a possible, as too much variety upsets their tummies and your oriental rugs

*In houses with children, pets bond strongly with children during the summer and often suffer from separation anxiety or depression because of the sudden change in routine when kids go back to school. Pay extra attention to pets when children go back to school because they miss the kids too.

*Some pets follow kids to school. Whether you walk or drive to school, your child’s buddy may have a secret GPS chip in his brain and follow your child to school. If your dog goes missing after your child goes to school, go check the school first!

*Depressed animals tend to overeat just like people do, so be careful to monitor portion sizes in order to prevent obesity.

And finally, we do live in Florida and despite what the calendar says, the summer heat is still in full force. Please don’t leave your pets in a hot car for any amount of time as they can and do die of heat stroke, very quickly.